So, I am not much of a reader of traditional books, and I have never kept that a secret. However, for some reason I don't mind browsing the internet and soaking up bits and pieces of written content, and I especially love learning through videos and other visual art. I guess I am what you would call a visual learner.

Well, today as I was browsing the internet looking for Branding related content to share with the Sweet Success Project Facebook group, I came across the AWESOME, INSPIRATIONAL, yet lengthy YouTube video titled Steve Job's 10 Rules for Success. After catching chills by the 3rd point, I knew that I had to share this with the Sweet Community. So here it is...make sure you set aside a good 40 mins to watch, but I promise it will be worth it!!

I am posting it here so that we can all have a place to come back to when we need to re-watch...and yes, I said "we" because I know I am going to need it. Sweetly yours, Cyd!